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Temple Hours

The Temple continues to be open for Temple Darshan by reservation on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The Temple is also open on occasional Sunday afternoons and some Holidays. In May, the Temple will be open on Sunday, May 12th from 2pm to 7pm and on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th, from 11am to 7pm.

Reservations are required to visit and can be booked online during the week prior to the visit day. Saturday reservations are released the prior Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday reservations are released on the prior Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. A limited number of reservations are released on the day-of.

Visitors have the greatest chance of successfully booking a reservation if they are online and ready to reserve at 9am on the first day reservations are released. Visitors who wait and try to book a reservation later in the week may have difficulty due to high demand and many people booking at the same time.

Temple Darshan reservations allow for a short visit (up to 2 hours). Visitors may enjoy darshan with Hanumanji, visit the Temple grounds and OM Park and enjoy snacks, including chai and samosas, at Anjaneya’s World Café and browse through Oceanview Book and Gift Store.

We ask for your patience in the reservation process as capacity is limited.

You are also welcome to consider a longer visit to Mount Madonna Center, booking an overnight stay or attending a yoga or meditation retreat. We also have full day visits that include meals, a guided walk and yoga class. (See Pathways to Visit).

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Reservations Required

Reservations are required for all visits to Mount Madonna Center and the Temple
Current In-Person Visiting Hours
  • Saturdays - 11am to 7pm (last entry 6pm)
  • Tuesdays - 4pm to 7pm (last entry 6pm)
  • Occasional Sundays and Holidays:
  • -Sunday, June 30, 2pm to 7pm
  • -Thursday, July 4th, 11am to 7pm

Early morning Arati on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Devotees may now attend early morning Arati on Saturdays and Tuesdays without a reservation. Visitors must arrive between 6am and 7:30am. Arati is performed at 6:30am and lasts one hour. No unreserved arrivals after 7:30am. Visitors who attend Arati are kindly requested to stay at the Temple area and return to their cars and leave quietly. The Center, Café, gift store and deck are closed until 11am on Saturdays for Silent Meditation and Sadhana and we appreciate your cooperation.

The Temple remains closed to day visitors on all other early morning hours, other weekdays and Sundays.

Please do not try to visit during these hours or without a reservation.

Virtual Visits

At times when you are unable to visit the Temple in person, please join us online.

Looking Forward

The existing Temple is the realization of the first phase of a larger plan. The emerging vision of the Temple includes a memorial shrine and garden for Sri Baba Hari Dass, along with temples dedicated to Sita Ram and Shiva. We also envision new amenities including hand and feet washing stations, improved road access and more.

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