About the Temple

In 2001, long-time students of Bābā Hari Dāss returned from India with a beautiful Hanumān murti. When Bābāji saw the statue, he wrote on his board, “It needs a Temple.” He promptly walked to the Center’s rustic ceremonial site, scratched out a location for the Temple with his foot and the digging began. The Prāna Pratishṭa ceremony, “establishing the breath” within the sacred image, was performed in 2003.

Bābā Hari Dāss

Bābā Hari Dāss was a silent monk from the Kumaon region of northern India. He stopped speaking in 1952 and communicated by writing on a small chalkboard. The practice of silence is a yogic discipline, which quiets the mind and develops inner peace.

Bābāji lived in the United States for over forty years, coming several days a week to the Mount Madonna Center, founded by his students in 1978. Through his practice of selfless service or Karma Yoga, he helped to build and maintain the Center as well as develop the Temple complex.

Mount Madonna Center

Mount Madonna Center, where the Temple is located, is an intentional community established in 1978, which has about 80 residents who are all volunteers. It is also home to a retreat and conference center hosting programs in yoga, spiritual development, and wellness, as well as personal retreats and daily yoga classes. It is also the site of Mount Madonna School, a fully accredited K-12 private school with some 200 children, and the Mount Madonna Institute, a post-secondary college offering degrees in Yoga, Ayurveda and Community Studies.

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COVID-19 Update

Mount Madonna Center suspends onsite programs until May 2021.

Our commitment to our community and to the pillars of our mission -- service, self-study, and satsang -- remains strong.

Due to health and safety concerns for both our visitors and our staff, and following the guidelines issued by the state and county regarding gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hanuman Fellowship Board of Directors in cooperation with the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple and the Mount Madonna Institute have made the difficult decision to extend the closure of Mount Madonna Center (MMC) until May 1st, 2021. MMC Guest Services, Mount Madonna Institute and Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple have suspended all on-site visits and participation until that time. We remain committed to providing access to the broad range of teachings and practices through online platforms.

During this unique time, we are choosing to reaffirm our values, rejuvenate our physical and organizational structures, and strengthen our community--all in preparation for a healthy and sustainable re-opening!

We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible with open arms! Until then, know that our hearts and minds are connected through the blessing of our shared practices and values.

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Some Guidelines


Please help us to maintain an atmosphere of peace and contemplation.


Please keep your children with you and help us to preserve our peaceful atmosphere.

closed areas

A list of open areas is indicated on the brochures provided.

no food

Aside from prasād, consumption of food prepared outside of the Center is strictly prohibited.

no cell phones

We kindly ask that you refrain from using your phone around the Temple complex.

no smoking

Smoking is not permitted at the Mount Madonna Center. Alcohol and illegal drugs are also not allowed.


Ārati is a devotional service offered to one's chosen form of God. The service is performed at Gaṇesh Temple and Hanumān Temple twice daily. 

During the ceremony a light is waved around the deity in a figure Om. The light symbolizes knowledge, which the deity posesses. A bell is rung throughout ārati; its sound represents nāda. Water, a symbol of divine nectar, is offered to wash the deity's feet; it is also offered to the deity to drink. At the end, songs honoring the deity are sung.

Ārati is performed daily at 6:30am and 6:00pm

Upcoming Events

Activities at Mount Madonna Center

Anjaneya's World Café

Refresh your spirit with espresso, coffee, chai, cold beverages, organic snacks, music and conversations from around the world. Located next to the Community Building.

Oceanview Bookstore

Metaphysical books, relaxing music, shawls, meditation aids, statuary, clothing, Yoga supplies, jewelry, and much more. Drop in and take a look!

Yoga Programs

At the heart of Mount Madonna is the study, practice and teaching of Yoga and Ayurveda These programs are designed to promote self-understanding and transformation.

Mt. Madonna County Park

Mt. Madonna County Park is one mile from the center and offers picnic tables and hiking. Please note that you must pay the park's $6 entry fee at the park entry station to use the facilities.

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