Now in Audio Format from Sri Ram Publishing: The Spirit of Karma Yoga by Baba Hari Dass

This classic essay on Karma Yoga is brought to life by a 30-minute, soothing narration from Dhanya Shankar, with a modern soundscape backdrop.

In this Essay, The Spirit of Karma Yoga, Sri Baba Hari Dass reveals the basics of Selfless Service and its role in Yoga practice (Sadhana).

How does one serve others, serve one's own self-development, and the creation as well? What are the essential keys to the practice of selfless service and what are its benefits? Why is Karma Yoga so central to the full practice of Yoga? These questions are addressed in this essay.

Books by Baba Hari Dass include annotations of Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and Samkhya Karika, as well as both children's stories and adult fiction.

Both the full 30-minute narration and printed version of Spirit of Karma Yoga, as well as other writings from Baba Hari Dass are available from Sri Ram Publishing at the following link:

When we rise above the mind by shunning our personal interest, we live in the spirit. This is our rebirth in the Spirit, the divine birth, and service to others becomes our divine work.

Baba Hari Dass