ŚrīVidyā-Sītārāmānjaneyā Mahotsava

ŚrīVidyā-Sītārāmānjaneyā Mahotsava

In-Person | June 7-9, 2024

The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, together with the Bay Area Ram Leela Mandali, is honored to host the first-ever Śri Vidyā Seminary Retreat, harmoniously paired with a comprehensive series of Yajnas dedicated to the deities of Srimad Rāmāyana.

Cost: $500 per person, includes all retreat meals and course materials
Special lodging rates are available through Mount Madonna Center (additional cost, book separately via link below)

The seminar is a two-day immersive in-residence course on Friday and Saturday. Evenings will feature devotional music in praise of the Divine Mother and Lord SitāRāmānjeya rendered by leading Bay Area artists. The event is being conducted by the Acharyas and disciples of the Bhāskara Prakāsha Ashram and the Bay Area Ram Leela Mandali with the sankalpa (intent) for world peace and harmony, and will feature a detailed seminar of the Bhāvanopanishad – the seminal treatise on the internal worship of the Divine Mother as Supreme Consciousness. Music and performances will be supported and directed by the Bay Area Ram Leela Mandali.