COVID-19 Status: The Temple and Mount Madonna Center are currently CLOSED.

Covid-19 Updates

Update 9/1/2021:
The Temple remains closed to the public.
We are busy preparing to welcome you back!

Current Policy

Due to health and safety concerns for visitors and staff, the Hanumān Fellowship Board of Directors in cooperation with the Sankaṭ Mochan Hanumān Temple and Mount Madonna Center suspended all on-site activities in March 2020.

The increase in COVID infections in our area has resulted in a delay in our reopening plan. The Temple continues to prepare for limited openings under the reservation system, but as of now, the reservation system is not yet available for public use. We anticipate restarting reservations for Saturdays when conditions improve later in the fall or winter.

Mount Madonna Center is booking a limited number of reservations for overnight personal retreats; but has paused reopening to large guest retreats until 2022. Temple devotees who are interested in an overnight personal retreat at Mount Madonna Center this fall should check the MMC website for information on booking.

Please note that the Center and Temple remain closed to walk-in visitors and the front gate remains closed at all times. Strict Covid protocols have been instituted for overnight guests, volunteers, residents, and others, which will also apply to day visitors on weekends once the reservation system is restarted. These protocols can be found here.

Reopening Plan

Temple and Mount Madonna Center staff are working together to plan a coordinated safe reopening for everyone at the Center. Because Mount Madonna Center is home to a resident community, school, conference center, and Temple, the policies and protocols for reopening must ensure the safety for visitors, residents, and students of all sectors. Hence, our reopening will be gradual, and visitors will need to review our revised protocols.

We are currently busy designing the specifics of the Temple relaunch and training new volunteers to be able to safely help with the variety of tasks needed when hosting devotees. Later this fall or winter, we anticipate restarting the reservation system and releasing a limited number of weekend reservations to the public for Temple visits. We will announce those specifics here and through our newsletter. We are looking forward to seeing everyone here again at Hanumanji’s abode!

Jai Hanuman! Jai Gurudev!

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