About Us

Sankaṭ Mochan Hanumān Temple is part of the community of learning and practice within Mount Madonna Center.

A Brief History

The Sankaṭ Mochan Hanumān Temple was founded and built by Sri Baba Hari Dass and his students as a place of devotion and peace.

In 2001, some of Babaji’s long-time students returned from India with a beautiful Hanumān murti — a symbolic icon depicting a deity in Hindu culture.

When Babaji, a silent monk, saw the statue, he wrote on his chalkboard, “It needs a Temple.” He promptly walked to the existing ceremonial site for the Mount Madonna Center and drew out the location for the temple with his foot.

The process of planning and building began immediately and culminated in 2003 with the performance of the Prāna Pratishṭa ceremony of “establishing the breath” within the sacred image.

Located on the grounds of the Mount Madonna Center, an intentional community established in 1978 on 355 wooded acres, the Temple provides Ārati devotional services twice daily and Sindoor Pūja and Chālisā Pāṭh ceremonies every Tuesday before the full moon as well as other traditional Hindu ceremonies, musical and dance performances, yoga classes, and other learning opportunities.

The Temple serves a wide community which includes the resident volunteers and staff at the Center, the many members and friends of the Hanuman Fellowship who are inspired by the teachings and example of Babaji, and the thousands of Hanumān devotees who have made their way up the mountain to visit the Temple over the years.

The open air Temple and grounds await you on your path to Liberation.

Sri Baba Hari Dass

Baba Hari Dass is a Master Yogi and silent monk, who left his body in 2018. His life of discipline, devotion, service, and love continues to inspire people around the world.

Babaji, as he is affectionately called, was born near Almora, India in 1923, and lived in the US from 1971 until his death in 2018.

A Lifelong Example of Grace and Compassion

Babaji (Baba means “Father” and ji means “respected”), was first and foremost a Master Yogi, having practiced the disciplines of Yoga from childhood. His lifelong example of peacefulness encouraged the regular practice of his teachings.

Peace and Inner Silence

In 1952, at the age of 29, Babaji took a 12 year vow of silence. At its completion, he chose to continue this austerity because it brought him peace and inner silence. He remained silent for the next 66 years communicating through example and by writing on a small chalkboard.

Associated Projects

Inspired by the teachings of Baba Hari Dass, his students established a number of projects both on the Mount Madonna Center campus and throughout the world.
Hanumān Fellowship
Founded in 1971, the Hanuman Fellowship is a nonprofit organization dedicated to carrying forward the teachings of Baba Hari Dass. The Fellowship and its Board of Directors oversee the Center and many of the various projects located on its Campus.
Mount Madonna Center
The Mount Madonna Center is a place of natural magic, power and personal transformation. Here, people can meet themselves and each other while engaged in spiritual practice, study, community, and service.
Mount Madonna Institute
Founded in 2006, the accredited Mount Madonna Institute provides theoretical and practical professional education and training in classical systems of Yoga, Āyurveda, and Community Studies.
Mount Madonna School
The fully-accredited independent school offers small class sizes, an exceptional educational community, and teaching values of respect, service and peace to Pre-K through 12th grade students.
Anjaneya’s World Café
A cozy, welcoming space, the Café is a perfect place to stop for coffee, tea, cold beverages, snacks, and a stimulating conversation among students and guests.
Oceanview Books & Gifts
Come shop for spiritual and personal development literature, as well as meditation and yoga supplies, journals, sundries, and gifts including music, clothing, malas, jewelry, and more.
Salt Springs Centre of Yoga
Located on Salt Spring Island in BC, Canada, our sister community offers yoga teacher training, workshops, retreats, and opportunities for service learning in a lush idyllic setting.
Sri Ram Ashram
Established in 1981 in Haridwar, India, this orphanage is home to nearly 75 children. An onsite school educates over 500 local children from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Sri Ram Publishing
The nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting Sri Ram Orphanage in India by publishing the written works of Baba Hari Dass, as well as kirtan and other spiritual music.
Āyurveda World Herb Store
Currently Closed - For over 25 years our Āyurvedic store has specialized in skillfully prepared formulas, oils, and tinctures and carried a large selection of herbs for Āyurvedic students and practitioners.
Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center
Relax, unwind, and enhance your stay at Mount Madonna Center with a massage or Āyurvedic spa treatment at our rustic, nourishing wellness center amongst the redwoods.