Prasad for Thought

This New Year's Retreat we are exploring the theme of "the spirit of yajna." Yajna, as an ancient ritual of offering into a sacred fire, energetically connects us with the natural forces of creation. The Vedas say that the spirit of yajna, or the "sacrifice of dharma," is what creation and the universe is based on. The spirit of yajna brings harmony into our lives, honors nature and helps us to find our rightful place within it. Babaji summarizes this practice concisely.

Questioner: Can you give us pointers on how we can make our life an on-going yajna (or sacrifice)?

Babaji: Life itself is a yajna. We are offering our mind, thoughts, intellect, senses, etc., in the fire of the divine. If we live in the world as a duty, our self interest will be reduced and that is our yajna of living. Those who live a disciplined life by controlling the senses to achieve divine presence in their lives are living a life of yajna or sacrifice.

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