Anjaneya's Chai Cart

This weekend we are unveiling our new chai cart on the patio outside of Anjaneya's World Café. Guests can purchase and enjoy fresh chai and samosas on the weekends directly from the cart without having to go inside. Come on by and check it out! OM

Prasad for Thought

This New Year's Retreat we are exploring the theme of "the spirit of yajna." Yajna, as an ancient ritual of offering into a sacred fire, energetically connects us with the natural forces of creation. The Vedas say that the spirit of yajna, or the "sacrifice of dharma," is what creation and the universe is based on. The spirit of yajna...

Sindoor Pūja and Chālisā Pāṭh

Every Tuesday before the full moon, we have a special morning at the temple. We start at 6am with Hanumān Pūja, and then at 6:30 we begin Hanumān Chālisā Pāṭh (chanting Hanumān Chālisā 11 times) and apply fresh Sindoor to Hanumān and Gaṇesh. Once this has been completed, Ārati happens at both temples. Everything is usually finished by around 8:30am...