Hanuman Jayanti

Mount Madonna Center's Hanuman Jayanti celebration will take place on Monday, April 10, 2017. All are welcome to attend the day's festivities! No reservations are necessary. Please see the schedule of events below.

Please join us for the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti
and the 94th Birthday celebration of our beloved Guru, Sri Baba Hari Dass. April 10th, 2017
7 AM to 3:00 PM. 
All are welcome, compliments of the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple and the Mount Madonna Center. 

This year our Hanuman Jayanti celebrations will occur at an especially auspicious time. For millennia in the spiritual traditions of India there has been special importance given to planetary influences and the way they can importantly guide and support our endeavors so that we may live in harmony with the cosmic influences. Activity that aligns with the natural cosmic cycles can gain great power and enhanced potential. For this reason Ritual dates especially are chosen to align with Full moon times when that potential is in full form and expression. 

In Yoga Sadhana, fourteen years is a common cycle of time for purification and ritual observance as we learn in the banishment of Lord Ram to the jungle for 14 years. Babaji often spoke of 14 year cycles of sadhana in his own life. 

This year our Hanuman Jayanti celebration is on April 10, 2017, exactly at the end of a 14 year cycle that began when we first installed Hanumanji in our Temple on April 11, 2003. It was Babaji's 80th birthday. We have all experienced over the last 14 years how our Hanuman Temple, founded and established by our beloved Guru has become a very special place of refuge and inspiration for people from all over the world. It is both a blessing and a challenge to host such an endeavor. May we come together as a Satsang to rededicate ourselves to our Sadhana of serving all who come for inspiration and refuge to Sankat Mochan Hanuman.  May we be blessed with the strength, wisdom and spiritual fortitude to go forward together for the next 14 year cycle and beyond!

Jai Sri Hanuman Ji Ki Jai !

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