Reservations are mandatory, starting March 1st, if you are visiting on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Visitors arriving without a reservation after March 1st, will not be admitted.

Why are reservations needed?
Reservations help us to know how busy it will be so that we can arrange our volunteer staff, and enforcing this policy is our way of honoring the reservations that do get made and managing our capacity.


  • Reservations are now required if you are arriving Saturdays 11am-7pm, Sundays 4pm-7pm, and on Major Holidays (TBD).
  • People without a reservation will be turned away.
  • We ask that you arrive within 1 hour of your reservation time.
  • You can make reservations up to two weeks ahead.
  • You can only make one reservation per day with your account.
  • If you plan to come in more than one car, please ask the driver of the other car to make their own reservation on a separate account.
  • If the day you want to come is full, you must reserve for a different day.